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Shout Outs

“ I've been working out with Alexis for over 30 years. She's absolutely terrific. She helped me re-shape my body early on and maintain it throughout the years - no easy feat as I get older. She is very knowledgeable about a wide range of topics, including nutrition, and shares information with her clients. If she doesn't know an answer to something I ask her, she won't be satisfied until she looks up the information and reports back to me. She frequently goes to out-of-town workshops and has obtained quite a number of certifications. I completely trust her to train me safely. Alexis is a fun person to be with, which is a bonus during our training sessions. I look forward to working out with Alexis for many more years to come. ”
~ Ellen Berler, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, FSU, training with Just Get Fit since 1990

“I have been working out with Jen Bricker Simpson for over seven years now.  As I tell her I am her longest running client, not her client that can run the longest, but I might with her support and training! When I started this journey with Jen I never thought we would still be at it. I say we, because it is we, I am not doing this all alone, she is right there with me every step, stumble and triumph along the way. I have always been an athlete, but training with Jen has allowed me to reach a level I would have never reached without her.  I have been able to complete two half-marathons, a couple of triathlons, many 5K’s and 10K’s, and yes, who could forget that one very special mud run, that she made me do with Alexis! Jen is a constant presence in this journey with me, whether in front encouraging, behind pushing, or beside me yelling in my ear, she is there.   For me, training with Jen is more than just for my physical health, but my mental health too.   I guess you could say she is my personal trainer, nutritionist and therapist all in one.  As she says to me at the end of each of our training sessions, eat something green today. As Jen has been my cheerleader all these years, now it is time I am her cheerleader and offer my support and encouragement as she embarks on her professional journey.   Finally, all these years I have been teaching and training her, it has paid off!  I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings. ”

~ Kimberly Smoak

“ I am fortunate to have trained with Alexis for 18 years; she is a friend and an essential part of my life. Alexis has motivated me to push myself beyond what I would have thought possible in our workouts, and she's done it with humor and grace - and, occasionally, a little gentle bullying. She is constantly updating and refining her knowledge of weight and aerobic training techniques, and she brings to our workouts new and challenging elements that never allow for boredom. She is an invaluable source of information about many things, especially nutrition and diet (her recipe for black beans and rice is fabulous!), and, if she doesn't know the answer to a question, she will do research until she finds it. Most importantly, though, Alexis is a major positive force in my life: I always finish my workout sessions with her feeling better about most everything than I did when I started.”
~ Just Get Fit client since 1991

“ Jen Bricker Simpson has been training me for a year and a half now and I look better now than I did in high school. Jen has helped me develop my body and muscles in ways I didn't even know possible while educating me with only the facts along the way. Most importantly, I feel better than ever and my stress level is way down. Thanks Jen! ”

~ Brigit Houk, State Farm Agent, Just Get Fit client since 2015

“ I would and have recommended Alexis to friends and family members. In fact, she has or currently trains my grandparents, parents, mother-in-law, wife and myself. Her ability to motivate and her creativity with workouts have kept me reaching new goals for over 10 Years.”
~ Jay Smith, Vice President AJAX Building Corporation, training with Just Get Fit since 2000

“ My journey with the Just Get Fit crew began in 2015. Jen Bricker Simpson worked with me to establish a fitness plan combining weights, cardio and circuit training. During that time we began to talk about triathlon training as a means of setting fitness goals and increasing the frequency of workouts in a varied and fun way. She challenged me to do Red Hills the following year. I have continued to weight and circuit train at Just Get Fit, but the experience is so much more than “just training”. Discussions about various tri gear, advice on nutrition, stretching, recovery and even assisting my daughter with recovery and stretching techniques for sports puts the level of service and overall experience well beyond expectations. I would be remiss in not mentioning Alexis; for me she is the quintessential cheerleader and provider of comic relief when it’s “game on” at their facility. I am forever grateful for being introduced to Jen and Alexis and highly recommend them. Their program is an inspiration and integral part of my overall health and fitness goals to Get and Stay Fit after 50!!”
~ Jim Waddell, Principal Owner at Inovia Consulting Group, Just Get Fit client since 2015

“ I started working out at Premier Gym a couple of years ago and found myself in need something extra, so I started attending the group classes that were offered. While attended classes, sometimes six times a week, I still found that I was not getting results.Not until this past February, when I join Jen’s Brickhouse classes did I finally start to see changes.It hasn’t been easy – and I’m not always motivated to go to class. Sometimes, I dread going to class, but I go. And I’ll be the first to say that it’s made a world of different in getting healthy. Over the past few months, I’ve seen a slow but steady weight and waist line loss. Now, if I can just control my diet and love of sugar, I’m sure I will have even better results. When Jen announced her leaving to open up her own business, it was a no-brainer that I was going to follow her. Even when the new facility wasn’t ready for the first day of classes, we had a full group who showed up for a workout that had to be done outside in the humidity. This is testimony to the belief that we have in her program. Jen’s class creates an atmosphere of teamwork and friendship, and our class is more like friends getting together to workout with each other. Without the encouragement of Jen and other members, I don’t feel I would have made it as far as I have today. Not to mention, we have never had the same class twice, so “buh-bye” to the plateau factor. I would never tell Jen, but I really don’t like missing class and I actually look forward to what’s next. Try it – I promise you won’t be disappointed – but you will get fit, healthy and strong.”
~ Dexter L. Baker, Just Get Fit client since 2015

“ My personal training sessions with Alexis have been one of the BIG highlights of my week for over 10 years now. I love the challenge of building physical endurance and capabilities. Alexis keeps things moving fast and the hour of "grunt and sweat" is over before I know it. Often other people at the gym look on with curiosity as we use special equipment that is "off the grid" of traditional and sometimes boring gym fitness regimes. Alexis keeps things fresh by staying on the cutting edge of fitness innovation through her ongoing research, in depth training at workshops and expos and acquisition of her own fitness equipment which even goes above and beyond what our state of the art gym provides. Alexis is always giving encouragement, and makes me feel that I can accomplish anything, which is why I have been so successful. The therapeutic effect goes beyond physical fitness to a sense of well-being in knowing that I am in a continual process of "being the best me I can be". It is no understatement to say that for over a decade the quality of my life has been significantly enhanced due to Alexis and her fitness mentoring....”

~ Ruth Reynolds, training with Just Get Fit since 1994

“ Jen Bricker Simpson came into my life at just the right time! A broken wrist for an active person is NO fun! Not only was the break painful, but the thought of eventually putting my body’s weight on it to do a push-up, or really doing anything, was a VERY scary thing for me. Jen began training me with workouts that allowed me to regain flexibility and strength in my wrist and arms. On more than one occasion, my occupational therapist commented on how impressed she was with the training and knowledge that Jen possessed in order to have helped me recover so well. Thanks to Jen, I am doing push-ups once again and feeling stronger with every work out! ”
~ Missy Fordham, Just Get Fit Client since 2016

“ In the 4 years Alexis has been training me, I have been able to accomplish things physically that I never dreamed of being able to do. The training has helped me be strong in my everyday life and for that I am thankful. In my line of work I am outside daily and need my core to be strong, and it is thanks to Alexis. Every day the workout changes, which keeps it interesting and allows me to have a balanced workout regimen. Alexis’ enthusiasm is contagious. She will push you to where you didn’t think you could go and at the same time she is very sensitive to any physical issues you may be experiencing. I highly recommend Alexis as a Personal Trainer. If you want to be Ole’ and Swole, then give Alexis a call...”

~ Rob Langford, Southern Land Realty, training with Just Get Fit since 2011

“ Training with the team at Just Get Fit has been a game changer for me. In addition to the intense workout, Jen also talks to me about better eating habits and other ideas to improve overall health. She and Alexis really provide the entire fitness package.”
~ Jim Daughton, Just Get Fit client since 2009

“Congratulations to Jen and Alexis on the opening of Just Get Fit. Working out there is fun even if it can be hard work. That work is worth it because it brings results.

I have been training with Jen for almost two years. I am very impressed with her skill, diligence, patience, and especially her ability to push you and inspire you at the same time.”

~ Anne Rowe

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